"Don't expect bluegrass, new age or folk music, but rather very talented compositions that range from quick little instrumentals to surprisingly rocking compositions.".
Brian Knight, Vermont Review

"You have to work a lot harder to make an acoustic guitar cut through the din of drums and electric bass, but Paul Maceli proves himself a very fine guitarist."
Dave Malakowski, Metroland Magazine

"Ready for some acoustic music? Better think twice before you answer that, because Acoustic Trauma, a band from the Albany (NY) area, is not exactly what you might expect when you think of acoustic music. This trio cranks out some mighty rock'n'roll that substitutes live energy for electricity."
Philip Farber, Daily Freeman

"These guys have a monstrous prog-metal rhythm section and a talented, multi-instrumentalist front man with a penchant for lyrics of a vaguely occult bent."
John Rodat, Metroland Magazine

"Yes, the trio plays acoustic, but don't mistake that for "laid back." The band-also including bassist Kevin Lord-are definitely in the aggressive-progressive camp. The eight-song concept album (Reward of the Angel's Pride) clocks in at a mere 35 minutes-mighty short, especially for prog rock-but Acoustic Trauma makes every minute count."
Greg Haymes, Times Union

"While front man Paul Maceli's mystical lyrics are an acquired taste, the thunderclap grooves of this incredibly tight trio are not. Playing old school prog rock with up-to-the-minute fervor, singer-guitarist-violinist Maceli and his bandmates conjure some of the year's most arresting, powerful vibes."
Peter Hanson, Metroland Magazine

"Even with fingers twitching down the threshold on the volume control, Acoustic Trauma's Spirits CD tends to leave that kind of head buzz behind - the natural high of sensory discombobulation which rivetheads find enhancing."
Irv Yark, Woodstock Times

About Acoustic Trauma: "Prog-acoustic groups with mathematical precision are very hard to come by."
New York Press, New York City

"The fact is this is the best local band I've heard in decades..."
Don Wilcock, Troy Record

"Acoustic Trauma opened the evening, although in an entirely far more technically proficient sort of way that invoked vintage progressive rock in both the complexity involved in the arrangements and skill involved in the musical performances."
J Eric Smith, Metroland Magazine

"Whether playing acoustic guitar, violin or mandolin, Acoustic Trauma's Paul Maceli doesn't hesitate to let'er rip."
Philip Schwatrz, Schenectady Gazette