Welcome to the original sound of Acoustic Trauma. Imagine acoustic instruments such as violin, acoustic guitar and mandolin being supported by a powerful bass/drum rhythm section. Now add experimental sounds, high kinetic jam energy and mysterious lyrics and there you have it: ACOUSTIC TRAUMA.

Since it's inception in 1997, following the example of the "classic rock" genre, this power trio aims to provide the complete entertainment experience for their audience. Acoustic Trauma's concept and goal is to defy the common stereotype that has tagged acoustic rock as being "laid back" or "tame". Many popular bands have toned down their acts, characterizing themselves as being "unplugged", however. with the use of some effects (electric distortion NOT being one of them), this band have proven that acoustic instruments are not limited to stool or sit down performances. Their strength lies in their instrumentation as it consists of finger-blistering acoustic guitar solos, shredding violin, inventive bass guitar leads and many tight-grooving drumbeats.

The term "acoustic trauma", refers to a medical diagnosis that is associated with hearing loss due to the continued exposure to loud sounds. The name was chosen, for it serves as a definitive pun, both identifying the band by definition as well as their goal in attempting to "traumatize" the acoustic world.

Acoustic Trauma's performance history includes festivals, club performances, private parties, and charitable events, all of which whose territory ranges from their state of origin in New York, reaching out to areas in Vermont, New Jersey and Virginia. With three CDs and one live DVD/CD project under their belt, the band is confidently performing live, as well as continually writing new material. Catch them live if you can…it's worth it!

Paul Nunzio Maceli: Violin, Acoustic Guitar, Mandolin, MOOG Theremini & Vocal Expression
Patrick McNulty: Bass Guitars
Jason Ellenbogen: Drum Kit